Memento Mori
The passing of a loved one brings strong emotional feelings for those who are left behind, and this can cause the funeral to go by in a blur.
A photo reportage is a last tangible memory and gives you the opportunity to look back at this moment whenever you feel like it.
The coverage of the funeral will be a very special memory and will be of inestimable value.

During your chosen moments I am there as inconspicuously as possible.
I work with a personal approach and in a respectful manner.
I will try to work with the available light as much as possible.
Your wishes can be discussed beforehand with the relatives and/ or funeral attendant.
In a bound book or album I will bring together special moments and memories in a chronological order.

I can also take care of the condolence cards, prayer cards and acknowledgment if you wish.
I can use photos, personal sayings and/ or illustrations.
Of course I will always keep your personal needs in mind.

Creating a complete picture in this manner will give you great solace.

Karen Lustenhouwer - Memento Mori / info@karenlustenhouwer.nl / (0031) 6 28 88 36 47